Helpful Links

American Kennel Club

Registry for pure bred dogs in the United States. Links to parent clubs for all breeds. Source to all AKC events.

American Beauceron Club

Parent club for the Beauceron in the United States.

French Kennel Club

Informative site for all dogs recognized in France. Unfortunately it’s all in French.

French Beauceron Club

French site for Beaucerons. Again, only in French.

Babel Fish

Free language translator. Translation is not literal but it helps.

About Beaucerons

Extensive database of Beaucerons, pedigrees, history, and other information.

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals

Database by breed for many inheritable structural defects.

Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Database of dogs tested for eye defects.

Anasazi Siberians

Home of Cyrano and Sonata.

Onofrio Dog Shows

Dog show superintendent for most of the Midwest shows and many on the West coast.


Dog show superintendent for most of the East and Southeast shows. Also has some on the West Coast.