Beauceron Puppy Essentials

Puppies and Kids

Your new Beauceron puppy, as well as many other herding and working breeds, must have extra socialization to develop the proper temperament for the rest of their lives. A Beauceron is naturally aloof and prefers to not be around or near strangers. The Beauceron should not be shy or fearful of strangers nor should they attempt to bite. A proper temperament in a Beauceron allows a stranger to approach and pet the dog without showing signs of fear or aggression. The socialization you provide during the first year of your puppies life will help determine if the puppy grows up to be shy, self assured, or aggressive and a biter.

Much of a Beauceron’s temperament is inherited from its parents. This is an excellent reason to get to know the breeder and visit their kennel. The ideal breeding is one where both the sire and dam have ideal temperaments. They are neither shy or aggressive. However, this is not always possible. Breeding decisions are based on several factors like inheritable diseases, physical traits, and temperament. Breeding decisions are based on the gene pool of good and bad genes. It isn’t uncommon to find one parent with a good temperament and another with a shy temperament. However, dogs with shy temperaments should not be bred together. At least one of the parents should have a stable temperament. Those offspring should then be bred only to dogs with good temperaments. An aggressive dog should never be bred. Breeding an aggressive dog does not produce a protective dog, it produces a dog that bites strangers, relatives, and their owners.

When you get your puppy, daily socialization is a must. The more that your dog is handled by strangers, the better. Take your puppy to the park, pet stores, everywhere dogs are allowed. This must be done daily until one year of age. A Beauceron develops shyness because they are unsure of themselves. They lack self confidence. They should be exposed to loud noises as much as strange people. Trains passing, loud rock bands, gunfire, motorcycle noise, trucks or traffic and crowds at sporting events are all examples of noises that can intimidate your puppy. The more exposure to these things will improve your chances of developing a good temperament. A puppies natural desire to explore should be encouraged. They need exposure to unfamiliar items like jungle gyms, children’s toys (especially if they make noise), balls, pull toys, bicycles, wheelchairs, canes, and any other item that is not normally around your home. Also, if there are no children in your home, find some. Exposure to all age groups is important but especially children. Children are small, loud, and prone to quick movements.

As a last word, if you are looking for a protective dog, a Beauceron is just what the doctor ordered. A Beauceron is naturally protective if it has a good temperament. It will tolerate being approached by strangers without fear or aggression and yet protect it’s family with it’s life. A shy dog will bite out of fear and an aggressive dog will bite everything. Your efforts in socialization during the first year will help determine a proper temperament.

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