3 thoughts on “Mirth

  1. Cindy Rosen

    Hello, My husband and I are looking to purchase a Beauceron puppy (male). We have owned two Beaucerons in the past 20 years – one from Craig McCracken (Tess/Glafko breeding), and our Last one from J’Anna Lyttle (Lucky/Chyloe breeding). Sadly, our beloved Max (just passed away in October. Since J’Anna is not breeding right now, she recommended that we contact you for a male puppy.
    Could you contact me through my e-mail for your response?
    I would love to hear from you…
    Cindy Rosen


  2. Tim Leary

    Josiah got our attention and what is the procedure of “adopting”. Beautiful dog and we are now looking for another dog since a year after putting down our Bassett hound of 16 years.

    Please send information to Roadkingleary@gmail.com



  3. Bart Ballinger

    Never heard of this breed until a friend bought a pup from you recently.
    I’ve been looking at Dutch and malinois
    This is a breed to concider



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